Care &

Do you have jewellery to repair, or an old-fashioned piece you no longer wear? Let us take care of it. Our artisans will employ the best techniques to make it as good as new, enhanced and reinvigorated with a modern touch. On request, the workshop can also modify, adapt and adjust one of our designs: this is our ‘bespoke’ service.

Your own

Do you have an idea, a desire, a dream? We can make a piece of jewellery out of it! Anything is possible thanks to the traditional skills of our workshop. After a discussion with the Howards team, our experienced artisans will get to work. Our commitment: taking the time to properly understand your style, then creating a piece that meets your highest expectations: assured to be an emotional experience, 100% handmade, and above all, 100% Howards.

Step by step, we create your future jewelry with you.