L'élégance en héritage

Maison Poiray, created in 1975, offers women colourful, creative and elegant jewelery that is easy to wear according to your desires and moods, day and night.
The creations of Poiray asserted its youth and its avant-garde side. The emblematic watch of the house, Ma Première change up the codes thanks to its interchangeable bracelets.

Since its creation in 1973, Poiray is based at the centre of the Place Vendôme. Before becoming a Mecca for jewellery, in the 1930s, the Place Vendôme was the epicentre of Parisian elegance, bringing together many couturiers and milliners. It has inspired Poiray, forging links between the expertise of jewellery and the elegance of couture.

Immediately recognisable and desirable, the House’s collections adorn every women on every occasion.

Poiray Paris