Licia Mattioli is an inexhaustible source of energy. Lawyer by training, entrepreneur by vocation, she almost tip-toed at first into the world of jewelry and then climbed the heights of high-fashion with the energy and determination that everyone recognizes in her. It all began in 1995 when, together with her father, Licia acquired the Antica Ditta Marchisio, the oldest and most esteemed manufacturing goldsmith in the city of Turin, and began working on a process of total renovation of the company. With the support of the engineer Luciano Mattioli, whose professional experience boasts many years in the top management of one of the biggest Italian companies, Licia soon gave birth to a small entrepreneurial revolution which redesigned the company’s structure on both the management and the creative side.

A refined ambassador of the Made in Italy style throughout the world, the Mattioli brand has built its own current successes on the foundations of a noble past, associated with the most famous and masterful goldsmithing tradition of Torino.
A unique experience that originated in 1860 with the Antica Ditta Marchisio, owner of the first trademark issued by the city of Torino: the historical "1 TO"(meaning the first and oldest in Torino).

From a woman to a woman

Licia Mattioli