Mangiarotti jewels is a production company that has been operating for over thirty years in the jewellery field. The ideas, the design, the planning, the production are done in the company in the goldsmith tradition. The imagination and the materials, the care to detail, the attention to particulars of every single component, are some of the cornerstone through  which comes the “Jewels Mangiarotti”, unmistakable in his personality and always perfectly nestled in the most recent international proposals of fashion. The stones that are used are always of the highest quality. The ability to choose the colour from the range of gems can give life to unique jewels. The company is at present the best exhibition of the year, where is the presentation of the new collection.

The jewels are created and produced in the city of gold, in Valenza where the tradition of the goldsmith's art has been handed down for generations.

I have played all my life with the colors and shapes of my jewels, combining them with trends of the moment.