Howards Creations

To dream up and design unique jewellery is one of our passions. We care about maintaining this approach in a time where so many things look the same. It’s an essential part of our DNA; it is evident in all our styles. Classic, contemporary, sophisticated, refined or ultra-feminine: each Howards piece is – first and foremost – jewellery with character. Different. “With charm and presence”, summarises the house director, Gregory Bouverne. Our creative vision includes an important feature: comfort! A jewel intended to symbolise the greatest moments in peoples’ lives must also be suitable for everyday life for the wearer. We therefore take care to make our jewellery particularly smooth to the skin, pleasantly light and balanced. We take great care to ensure that our pieces are comfortable to handle and correctly proportioned. A whole team is dedicated to these objectives, in our workshop in Belgium: designers, jeweller artisans, setters, engravers. To shape the jewel destined to become your alter-ego, we command the best skills. All the better to express your personality and make the stones’ charisma sparkle. Diamonds, which have not decreased in value over the last 25 years, the precious trilogy ‘rubies, emeralds, sapphires’, and the full range of semi-precious stones are increasingly popular.

Belgian jewellery is the image of the country: talented, inventive, numerous. Belgium is both rich in ancient traditions and at the forefront of design and new technologies. The art of living, gastronomy and the arts are thriving here. In the north, Antwerp still has a shining reputation as the world diamond capital. In the centre, Belgium remains the capital of welcoming lifestyle. Sablon neighbourhood is entirely dedicated to it, with its art galleries, antiques, interior design boutiques and gourmet eateries. Belgians love quality, and make their guests fall in love with it too.

Jewelry is a very emotional thing that makes you feel unique

Elena William