GELLNER stands for outstanding and extraordinary jewelry design which masterfully highlights every detail. Whether it is an extravagant pearl creation or a superb jewelry design with fancy diamonds – there is no limit to the imagination at GELLNER. Skillfully handcrafted in the own workshops GELLNER promises a dazzling impression under the slogan “Made in Germany”.

The GELLNER manufactory is located in the beautiful South of Germany near the town Pforzheim. It is known as the “Gold Town” due to its vibrant jewellery industry. Its tradition reaches back more than 250 years, when Margrave Karl Friedrich put Pforzheim on the map by establishing a watch and silverware factory in the town.This started the success story that would ultimately transform Pforzheim into the “Gold Town”, home of various jewellery companies, designers, goldsmith schools and institutes.

"Real beauty comes from the inside. Our pearls are the ultimate proof."

Jörg Gellner