Mangiarotti jewels is a production company that has been operating for over thirty years in the jewellery field. The ideas, the design, the planning, the production are done in the company in the goldsmith tradition. The imagination and the materials, the care to detail, the attention to particulars of every single component, are some of the cornerstone through  which comes the “Jewels Mangiarotti”, unmistakable in his personality and always perfectly nestled in the most recent international proposals of fashion. The stones that are used are always of the highest quality. The ability to choose the colour from the range of gems can give life to unique jewels. The company is at present the best exhibition of the year, where is the presentation of the new collection.

Roberto Coin

In 1996, for the first time a jewelry collection is signed with a small ruby set on the inside of each of its pieces. This collection is Appassionata and, together with its unusual signature, it marks the beginning of the history of the Roberto Coin brand; a brand driven by its founder’s passion for life and creativity.

Every single creation is the result of an exciting journey through nature, cultures and influences, experienced in a rare balance between the past and the future. The hands of Italian artisans are entitled to translate into reality Roberto Coin’s imagination and it is a real universe of miniature masterpieces that comes to life thanks to their ability.

With his constant desire to create something new and different, Roberto Coin launches about 5 complete collections every year. They are available in over 1,000 boutiques located in 60 countries all around the world. Each one of them is an ambassador with a clear message that conveys the mission of the company’s founder himself: to offer every woman the possibility to own an original piece of jewelry capable to exalt the esthetic and spiritual qualities that make every woman unique.

Howards Creations

To dream up and design unique jewellery is one of our passions. We care about maintaining this approach in a time where so many things look the same. It’s an essential part of our DNA; it is evident in all our styles. Classic, contemporary, sophisticated, refined or ultra-feminine: each Howards piece is – first and foremost – jewellery with character. Different. “With charm and presence”, summarises the house director, Gregory Bouverne. Our creative vision includes an important feature: comfort! A jewel intended to symbolise the greatest moments in peoples’ lives must also be suitable for everyday life for the wearer. We therefore take care to make our jewellery particularly smooth to the skin, pleasantly light and balanced. We take great care to ensure that our pieces are comfortable to handle and correctly proportioned. A whole team is dedicated to these objectives, in our workshop in Belgium: designers, jeweller artisans, setters, engravers. To shape the jewel destined to become your alter-ego, we command the best skills. All the better to express your personality and make the stones’ charisma sparkle. Diamonds, which have not decreased in value over the last 25 years, the precious trilogy ‘rubies, emeralds, sapphires’, and the full range of semi-precious stones are increasingly popular.


GELLNER stands for outstanding and extraordinary jewelry design which masterfully highlights every detail. Whether it is an extravagant pearl creation or a superb jewelry design with fancy diamonds – there is no limit to the imagination at GELLNER. Skillfully handcrafted in the own workshops GELLNER promises a dazzling impression under the slogan “Made in Germany”.


Poiray is an absolute certainty shared by its founders; whether rings, bracelets, necklaces or earrings, a precious jewel must be both elegant and creative and appropriate for a wide range of occasions. The Ma Première watch created in 1987, a symbol of Poiray’s watchmaking expertise, has established its Art Déco design as an icon.
Changing, mischievous and chameleon-like, it is available in yellow or rose gold or in stainless steel and can be decorated with 2, 4 or 12 lines of diamonds. It ranges from Roman to Arabic numerals, playing with the colours and materials in its straps, interchangeable throughout the day, shamelessly moving from exotic skins to neon calfskins, from metallic to pearls or satin.
The jewellery collections Coeur Entrelacé, Tresse, Ma Préférence, Indrani offer an original and elegant interplay of diamonds and coloured semi-precious stones.
The first company on the Place Vendôme to refuse to limit itself to just precious stones, Poiray infuses its creations with the rich palette offered by semi-precious stones.


When in 2004 Federico Gauttieri founded the brand Casato Roma he based his work on the creation and design of high luxury jewelry.
Color is the perfect word to describe CASATO collections. Diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones, coral and hard stones create a perfect mix in an elegant and stunning Italian design.
Sublime and bold, Casato jewelry has already seduced women all over the world. The freshness of each piece is a pleasure for the eyes, a perfect gift to enhance the beauty of a woman.
Casato jewels are characterized by avantgarde, oriental suggestion and elegance: all elements that distinguish the brand thanks to the constant attention towards quality and harmony of the shapes.
Sophisticated design and highly personalized style are interwoven in a quest for elegance and femininity–an eternal dance inspired by the sensuousness of women, the universal icon of grace and elegance.
Made in 18 kt gold, diamonds and precious stones selected accordingly to the most beautiful combinations and paying attention to the quality of nuances and clarities.

Marco Bicego

Thanks to a heritage that is deeply rooted in time and in a territory where the history of Italian jewelry was born, Marco Bicego has coined a unique and unmistakable style, a subtly luxurious elegance that follows women through their everyday life, always intense, rich in style and personality. Carefully hand-crafted, all Marco Bicego jewels are a renown icon of Made in Italy. The different collections have their own soul, each of them springs from a different inspiration, may it be the material, the gemstones, or even the deep relationship Marco Bicego has with Nature. Yet the Marco Bicego style shines in all of them, allowing to wear different collections together in a game of layering and contrasts that creates the perfect outfit for an informal meeting or an elegant night.

All jewels are crafted in Trissino, in the Venetian region of northern Italy, made in 18 Karat gold and enriched by bespoke multicolor gemstones, carefully selected and exclusively cut to enhance their inner beautiful light. Diamonds are purchased from legitimate sources, rigorously conflict-free according to the United Nations’ resolutions. All jewels are hand- crafted with the traditional ‘bulino’ engraving technique and the distinctive coil twisting. Each creation is truly a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.


Licia Mattioli is an inexhaustible source of energy. Lawyer by training, entrepreneur by vocation, she almost tip-toed at first into the world of jewelry and then climbed the heights of high-fashion with the energy and determination that everyone recognizes in her. It all began in 1995 when, together with her father, Licia acquired the Antica Ditta Marchisio, the oldest and most esteemed manufacturing goldsmith in the city of Turin, and began working on a process of total renovation of the company. With the support of the engineer Luciano Mattioli, whose professional experience boasts many years in the top management of one of the biggest Italian companies, Licia soon gave birth to a small entrepreneurial revolution which redesigned the company’s structure on both the management and the creative side.