Howards Juwelencenter’s philosophy is mainly to always surprise our clients by offering them jewelry that are sometimes strong, sometimes discrete but always elegant and refined. Deeply and passionately involved in the craft, our jewelers will welcome you warmly and will offer you their best advices.

Quality &

All proposed jewels are selected with care and passion. Howards Juwelencenter offers unique creations of talented jewelry designers, whether they are from Italy, France, Germany or from Belgium and always places an emphasis on the material quality they use. The real passion of our jewelers? The endless creative possibilities that the art of jewelry offers.

The Best
Kept Secret

We can easily imagine that, two centuries back, this safe was containing some beautiful gems. At Howards, it is in this unique safe that we hide stunning pieces. Even though this is our little secret, we also think that the main interest of jewels lies in the act of showing them. If you then feel curious and would like to admire what is hidden inside, come discover the shop and ask one of our jewelers to reveal our best kept secret.